Battalion 1944 Official FAQ

1 - Game Related Questions

[1.00] What is Battalion 1944?

Battalion 1944 is a multiplayer infantry based first person shooter set during the conflicts of World War 2 in the vein of classic shooters, revitalized for the next generation of gamers. You can read more about the game here: About.

[1.01] Single Player Campaign?

Battalion 1944 is a multiplayer infantry focused first person shooter with intense, visceral close quarters combat. We currently have no plans for a single player campaign. We’re focused on making a solid multiplayer experience as our absolute priority.

[1.02] When will the Closed Alpha be released?

Currently we're aiming for May 2017.

[1.03] Battalion 1944 and the modding community?

We'd love to make it as easy as possible for the modding community to get involved with Battalion 1944 on PC. As we have a great relationship with Epic Games, we're currently looking for the best way to support the community in this regard. Community made maps and content help games like ours thrive, and we'd love to see how creative our community can be! Announcements will come when all the details are ironed out and nailed down.

[1.04] Will there be a in game or external server browser for Battalion?

Yes! We’ll have an ingame server browser exactly like classic shooters, but no external server browser. Bulkhead are teaming up with Multiplay to bring players the most reliable and highest quality in game official servers. Alongside our official servers, players will have the ability to host and change server rule sets to suit their own gaming needs. Server admins will be able to choose to have BattleRanked, unranked, or private game servers.

Community servers are important. You’ll be able to launch your own local servers from the ingame menu or buy an external server through third party server hosting websites, much like most classic PC shooters. If the server configs/game rules are tweaked, the server will not count as a ‘BattleRank’ server, meaning players can’t idle for cosmetic unlocks etc but these servers will be able to tweak the game rules however they like. Want a dedicated 16v16 24/7 riflesserver? Go for it. Want to host private servers for platoon vs platoon matches? We encourage this. This will be your game as much as it is ours.

[1.05] Voice Communication

Teamplay will be important if a Platoon wants to become best in their Battalion. We'll be including in game VoIP (which players can toggle mute) but we're totally cool with players using external VoIP software like Teamspeak, Mumble, etc.

[1.06] Will Battalion 1944 include Killstreaks / Deathstreaks?

Absolutely not. No killstreaks/deathstreaks, just you and your skill as a player.

[1.07] Will Battalion include an FoV slider?

100% yes, an FoV slider will be included in the PC version.

[1.08] Spectator mode? On all platforms?

Yes, you’ll be able to spectate games! We’ll be working on and improving the spectator experience during beta/early access on PC, ready for the console releases.

[1.09] Are you going to offer any type of cheat/hacker reporting system ?

The Bulkhead Interactive team have been in many talks with multiple anti cheat providers to get the best support possible for Battalion 1944. We aren't just relying on VAC, we aim to keep the game as cheat free as possible with extra persistent anti-cheat systems to help keep the community friendly and competitive.

[1.10] Disable Text Chat?

Text chat is turned on by default but you have an option to disable all messages. We want to encourage team play but for those players who would rather lone wolf, we're fine with players toggling off text chat. We've played enough Counter Strike against flamers and trolls to know how important it is to have this option. We will look into reports of abusive behavior.

[1.11] PC Graphical Options?

We'll have a plethora of Graphical options on launch. We'll be perfecting our user interface through our Closed Alpha/Beta sessions.

[1.12] Does Battalion 1944 include Search and Destroy (Bomb/Defuse)?

We'll be including a Search and Destroy game mode and players/server hosts will be able to change player limits. For the official servers we'll adjust rule sets based on community feedback!

[1.13] Does Battalion 1944 include Hardcore mode?

Yes, on community servers. Players will have the ability to host and change their own server rule sets to suit their own needs. If there’s enough demand and a large enough playerbase, we may add an official hardcore mode.

[1.14] What kind of maps are in Battalion 1944?

The amount of maps being developed is totally scalable, depending on the success of the game. Saying that, we will always go for quality over quantity. We can currently confirm 4 locations which we announced in our Kickstarter video, but there are many more in the works.

[1.15] Streaming the Closed Alpha/Beta?

The closed alpha/beta sessions aren't glorified marketing tools for us, they’ll be used exactly as intended; for bug testing and balancing the game. There will be unresolved issues/bugs to be fixed before release. We will not be allowing players to stream the Battalion 1944 closed alpha in May 2017. However, we’re totally cool with the community streaming the Closed Beta/Early Access versions, as long as content creators link viewers directly to our site and strictly inform their viewers that the game is in an early pre-release state and that bugs/balancing issues are to be expected. We will require you to sign an NDA to make sure you follow some guidelines and ultimately we reserve the right to revoke access from content creators or community members who abuse those rules.

[1.16] Split Screen

We're not implementing split screen play due to hardware limitations.

[1.17] Will there be any vehicles in game?

No. We’re focused first and foremost on making a competitive, skillful infantry combat shooter with close quarters gritty and visceral combat, rather than a large expansive game with vehicles. The down the barrell experience will be highly polished for this reason, much like classic shooters such as Call of Duty 2.

[1.18] Will there be continued development for the game after release?

We’re planning to keep the game alive with post release content. No specific details just yet!

[1.19] You should add 'X' feature, a 'Y' map or a 'Z' weapon.

If you post this in our forums and enough players also request the feature we may consider it.

2 - Forum Account Related Questions

[2.00] Where's my Kickstarter partner/founder/backer forum tag? 

Shortly after our Kickstarter campaign ends, you should receive an email from us asking for a response to a few survey questions via Kickstarter. We'll ask for your forum username (username(s) if you pledged towards a platoon pack) and we'll get you your forum tag setup as soon as we can. Any issues feel free to drop me a PM.

[2.01] Who are the forum moderators? Who can I contact for forum support?

Our community manager Alex 'Big Tuna' Preece is regularly active on the forums as a representative of the Bulkhead community. You can contact him or our team of community moderators with any questions regarding forum issues and/or abuse. We take reports seriously, any abuse of that system will get you banned.

Devs: Brammertron, KingHoward, DevKev

Community Manager: BigTuna

Current Community Moderators: Wolf Enstein, Dogster, BlueSmiley

[2.02] Where can I find the Forum rules?

The full list of forum rules are listed within 'The Welcome Desk' subsection of our forums. In short, don't be a d*ck or you will get banned.

3 - Battalion Webstore Related Questions

[3.00] When will Battalion 1944 be available to purchase?

You can pre-order access to the Closed Alpha/Beta sessions today with Paypal! You can pre-order Alpha/Beta access right here: Buy.
The game will be released to the public when the game releases on Steam early access, late 2017.

[3.01] Which platform can I pre-order Battalion 1944?

Currently PC (Steam) Only.

[3.02] Can I pre-order console (Xbox One / Playstation 4) versions of Battalion 1944?

Console pre-orders are not currently available. Only Kickstarter backers were able to pre-order the console versions of Battalion 1944. If this changes, we'll let you know.

[3.03] Do I get any Pre-Order bonuses?

As a thanks for your support, every person who pre-orders via paypal will receive the official Battalion 1944 Digital Art Book upon full release. It will detail the development history, with early work in progress shots/breakdowns up to the final release game artwork showing how your support helped mould Battalion 1944.

[3.04] What payment methods are there?

You can pay either by card, PayPal, Amazon payments or via Bitcoin. All payments are processed via Humble.

[3.05] Can I get a refund?

As a rule of thumb I'm afraid we do not support refunds for digital items purchased via our storefront.

If you would like further support please do email

[3.06] When will I get my Battalion 1944 game key?

When the game is ready. Your key / keys will be emailed out to the email address associated with your purchase. Remember to check both the Junk and Spam folders. We'll be keeping our website updated with information regarding testing dates and schedules.

[3.07] Will you sell Battalion 1944 merchandise in the future?

We're looking into this!

4 - Kickstarter Backer Related Questions

[4.00] When will I receive my Kickstarter survey?

You will receive the Battalion 1944 backer survey at a point between now and May 2017.

[4.01] When will I get my Battalion 1944 game key?

When the game is ready. Your key / keys will be emailed out to the email address associated with your purchase. Remember to check both the Junk and Spam folders. Alpha and Beta backers will be informed via email about dates and schedules when we're ready for public release.

[4.02] When will I receive my Kickstarter rewards?

Kickstarter rewards will be sent out in batches. Some rewards (such as physical items etc) will be sent out later than items such as digital codes etc. We will keep all backers updated with what rewards have been sent and when through our Kickstarter closer to the release. High tier rewards such as the studio visits to meet the developers and play the game will be sorted on an individual basis. We will contact you individually regarding these rewards.